NEW! Reframe the Debate Workshop: How to sell the truth in the age of disinformation

Professional development workshop for political communications professionals and other progressive stakeholders

This transformative workshop won’t tell you what to say, it will change how you think. You will get the tools you need to figure out for yourself what to say, every day, to wrestle control of the public debate back from your opposition.

The conservative movement has taken over the public debate. They effectively communicate a common set of values and beliefs and they are willing to use any psychological tactic that works to spread disinformation, sow fear and divide people.

Progressives need to understand how they do it so we can fight back. We need to learn those tactics and use them to promote the truth, inspire hope and bring people back together.

Veteran political consultant Antonia Scatton spent years gathering the help we need from experts across disciplines from cognitive science, linguistics and behavioral psychology to marketing and advertising, political history and moral philosophy.

Antonia worked for more than a year with George Lakoff, progressive messaging guru, renowned cognitive linguistics expert, and best-selling author of Don’t Think of an Elephant: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate.

Antonia has distilled the most critical insights into this intense and engaging workshop. It will involve experiments and group discussion throughout, as opposed to just Q&A at the end. Each session runs about 1.5 hours. The workshop can be done in one full day or on three separate days.

Session 1. Language and the Brain

Crash course on how language influences thinking, emotional reactions and decision making. Includes framing, agenda setting, and manipulation of “tribal” instincts and subconscious emotions via neurochemicals and hormones. How to motivate behavioral change to influence both short-term decision making and long-term political and moral worldviews and identities.

Session 2: Verbalizing our Belief System

How to articulate what we believe. Everyone knows conservatives are for free markets, gun rights and personal responsibility, and against taxes, abortion and using government to solve social problems. We look at the values that form the common foundation of our policies and draw from them a set of broader themes like those just listed for conservatives.

Session 3: Practical Application: Analyze and Reframe

Combine and apply the content from sessions one and two. Using a sample issue, Antonia will guide participants through a step-by-step method for developing a strategy to change the debate. Participants will then use the method to develop reframing strategies for their own issues.

Workshops are private and by appointment only.
Contact Antonia Scatton at or 202-487-0187 for more information.

Antonia Scatton has worked with, advised and trained many campaigns, political party committees and advocacy organizations including the Center for American Progress and the Democratic Parties of Arizona, Minnesota, Virginia, Idaho and Florida.

For more about Antonia, see:

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